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The first candy for men

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We created a strategy unexpected for the category, invited an actor from London and used a dog-driver to create the first in Ukraine, and maybe in the world, candy commercial for men. However, in fact, it is a candy for women now more than ever. 

The category of candies sold by weight focused on the taste. Competitors appeal to women because "only the delicacy of our taste reveals the tenderness of your feelings". We have assumed that not only women can feel the taste, and have got a great insight: 

actually, men love candies more than women. 

Therefore, we have created a man who would protect the rights of other men to candies and set an example. Here he is:

But it's not that simple.

We had a pretty complicated brief.

We were supposed to remain as a "candy for women" but could not use the phrase "for women". We also had to rejuvenate the audience. These tasks were imposed on a rather rough and simple form of a candy that did not actually imply femininity or youth.

And we still had to get rid of the pathos of the 90's. By the way, that is how Trufalie communication looked like before.

Our strategy of a "men's candy" addressed each of these issues simultaneously.

Logically, men's candy has a brutal and even rough design. To enhance the manhood, we even introduced the masculinity form for candies.

And the most important thing is that our candy for men has become a candy for women now more than ever, since women especially like men's things. In such a way, we have pulled Trufalie out of the product level and have created an emotional value unexpected for the brand at all perception levels.


And we have really rejuvenated the Trufalie audience. According to Google BrandLift data, our campaign was three times more effective at influencing younger audience than average advertising.

In general, we received 44 % of positive reviews, and almost 56 % of positive reviews from the audience aged 18-24, with an average market indicator of 20 %.

The desire to buy the product was expressed by 12 %, and this is the highest indicator in the category.

If you are still reading, get “Easter eggs” from the video. 

At the fifth second, a radiator figurine appears in the frame, duplicating completely the Trufalieman's pose. We really designed it and really attached it to the car hood. 

At the fifteenth second, Trufalieman throws the candy wrapper away to the field; the environmentalists made us ashamed of it. But it's ok, this wrapper was attached to a hairline, so flying out of the frame, it flew into the operator's hands. And, actually, it is a prop, and we cannot throw it away.

The actor is really from London, his name is Alex Dillon. At first, we dreamed that he would say the whole text by himself, but it didn't work out. Since he talked like this:

And the whole shooting process with the Gvardia production was going on like this: