Instead-of-migration shopping

The campaign containing three campaigns


We have created a container campaign or an inception campaign. As here we have a campaign containing three campaigns, and each of them has several ideas. Now we are talking about the instead-of-migration shopping service that was launched for the e-com segment of Nova Poshta Global. 


It happens to be the third campaign for Nova Poshta Global, and each time we are looking for new ways to attract more people to online shopping. And at the same time once again we prove the reality of global purchases.

We focused on conservative shoppers in our new brief. These shoppers are people who prefer regular stores most of all. Even when most of them are closed. They want their purchase to be real, here and now, and at a normal price. Up to this stage of shopping we had to get closer to them in their minds as much as possible. Or find unexpected emotional motivation to start changing their usual experience.

Who do they buy for?

Everyone buys for themselves in order to look better and build a better life. But they create this better life for others around to show that they are better or the best. So, our goal is "these others around".

We started looking for a group that is more closely connected with global shopping, and they happen to be expatriate influencers.

Expats-influencers-trouble makers

They're more of a problem than it may seem:

- Expats' self-brands have been imperceptibly becomming our role models, because each of us is definitely subscribed to at least one them.

- There are more and more examples of “overseas success” in social networks.

- Currently, there are approximately 3.2 million*of Ukrainian migrants abroad

By creating a lot of "better life" content, they motivate people to think about why not to migrate as well. So we've turned the possibility to order anything from almost any store in the world into a reason to stay here. And this is not about the better sneakers, but about the belief that you can live no worse in Ukraine. 

Instead-of-migration shopping is not just an advertisement of services, but almost a support of the state's anti – migration policy. Because among the goals of Nova Poshta Global there are not only increase in sales, but solutions of important issues for the country as well.