Buy globally - live globally

Strategy and campaign for Nova Poshta Global

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In terms of cost-to-time ratio, the international logistics of Nova Poshta are the optimal international delivery service. People always knew that international goods were cheaper and better, but still did not shop abroad.

To solve this problem, we had to uncover the reason for such behaviour, find the real problem, build a brand, and create the first campaign.

Uncovering the reason for the behaviour

People don't care that it is cheaper abroad. That’s why we continue to overpay for goods in Ukraine and complain about prices. It seems like completely illogical incomprehensibility, but that’s who we are, people. After top-secret research, it became clear why we buy pants here at such a terrible price:

Because together with the pants we buy full control over them

Finding the real problem

We do not overpay for goods, but for reality and peace. We see the international online world as something terrible, unreal, and worrying, because it’s a different culture, different language, and so on.

If there is a problem, we will hardly go to London to solve it, but we can go to Zhytomyr. Of course, we won’t go to Zhytomyr, but we can!

So, we have found a real problem - peace is more important than price. Therefore, any price communication is ineffective at this stage.

Building a brand

So, to switch people from the online Ukrainian world to the international one, we need to prove the reality of the latter. This is how we’ve shaped the brand's strategy - to prove the reality of international delivery at all times.

* We build brands with a simple sentence and through immediate action. So that everyone could understand that kind of thing. And so that everyone could understand what to do next.

Creating a new name

As far as international delivery was concerned, the concept of "internationality", our enemy, literally scared people away. That is why we removed it forever replacing it with globality. So, the NPG brand began to sound more real because global things are true for all. Besides, Global sounds cooler.

Creating the first campaign

Then it is necessary to tell people about the new global delivery. To do this, we chose a simple idea that would not draw your attention away from the product.

The first platform - You can. The platform communication aims to transmit a single message - you can buy abroad as simply and effectively as you can raise your foot or close the door.

We had a forwarding service, export service for private and business clients and delivery from iHerb but look how easily the idea works for all products.

At first glance, these are interviews that do not look like advertising. Or if they do, at first it is not clear what is advertised.

We used the most abstract possibilities to make them more global.

We created real banners with the same characters that directly say that you can either ignore this banner or buy and sell abroad.

We repeated the same idea in the posts.

At every moment of communication, we prove the new brand reality and will do so until people begin to consider the global online world as real as the Ukrainian one.