Mazda Ukraine

Annual service


Vehicle category is super-conservative in Ukraine. As a rule, that is a background + a big vehicle + a slogan like "exceed magnificence" or "create a unique". Mazda Ukraine tired of doing magnificence and supremacy, and we fully agree with them.

Mazda is the most emotional vehicle in the mid-market. First, it is a design that either likes or freaks out, but does not leave indifferent. We began working with Mazda 3 and identified it as the perfect first car. And you need to fall in love with your first car. 

We blown up a star for Mazda 6. It was the symbol of an updated model, ready to shine up on the roads. 

Crossovers are often advertised through power and supremacy. Mazda's crossover has both power and supremacy, but they still have esthetics of sedans. They are beautiful and it annoys a lot of people.

We decided to freak out competitors and haters even more, so we created a new category "crassovers", which are beautiful crossovers. Grammatical error ensured awareness. 


People loved and hated. Nobody was silent. So it should be with the most emotional car in Ukraine.