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Idea of a promo-campaign for Logitech

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Our experience in creating promo communication shows that primitive decision doesn’t bring good results. Remember that promo with special offers not only informs about products and prizes, but also forms a brand. Therefore, material benefits must be combined with emotional motives of people. We are sure about that, so that was exactly what we did for our recent promo Logitech for ASBIS-Ukraine.

We conducted a desktop research, and found out that Ukrainians get addicted to stuff. And the older is the thing, the harder is to say goodbye to it. This is the main barrier to buying something new and really needed. It is important that people often do not notice the absurdity of their addiction until they are told about it.

The idea of the offer is to help people to get rid of junk, hyperbolizing the absurdity of their relationships with old equipment.



Our campaign is ironizing about unnatural connection between a person and a piece of plastic. We created a big idea, which was easily developed to a solid campaign with all media-mix elements: banner advertising, print advertising, POS, promo website, SMM support, radio.

Listen to the stories of people who have experienced such relationships.

Maryna Lozovytska, ASBIS-Ukraine

The market is rapidly developing and changing, the same as preferences of consumers. The leading positions of ASBIS-Ukraine and the Logitech brand, stimulates our team to be the best in all aspects of the work, including effective and vivid advertising campaigns with support of professionals from Michurin agency.

Dima Logginov, Michurin agency director

It's a pleasure to work with leaders, because it's always a challenge. High expectations, clear KPI, limited timing: 4 weeks from goal setting to start a promo campaign. I am confident that our Logipromo advertising campaign for ASBIS-Ukraine will become a benchmark for computer accessories, as it destroys a standard template approach to implementation of hardsell offers.