Be filled up in the Year of the dog

Idea of a promo-campaign

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Around New Year’s Eve every brand face a need to create a situational promo-campaign. But no one wants to use Santa-elves-christmas tree-snowflakes and other annoying New Year’s Eve symbols again and again.

Anthropomorphic animalistic personification was the trend in communications in the second half of 2017. Half-humans, half-tigers, half-parrots, half-hedgehogs in half execution sold smartphones, TV-channels and residential complexes. But Michurin has always been and will remain the leader in selection issues. That is why we have decided to show who is the daddy, and presented the extra dog-men. No discrimination, just top-quality work.

For that New Year campaign, we recorded radio spots without New Year's motives. We made KLO one of the few brands with no jingle bells for the New Year. 

We also created an arctic print for the winter diesel Ventus.

*In the year of the dog - your fuel tanks will not freeze.