Prepare globally - live globally

The second campaign for Nova Poshta Global

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This is a story about how we changed people's habit of putting everything on the shelf , turned the only weakness of global delivery into a campaign, ensured growth of some products of Nova Poshta Global by 1.8 times and the other product by 5 times.

The work started with a simple question: okay, we have successfully launched Nova Poshta Global, but how can we support the result and increase sales?

Nova Poshta Global provides the following products:


Direct delivery from the most famous online stores in the world, such as: Aliexpress, iHerb, Asos, Cultbeauty.

NP Shopping is forwarding service that allows you to order from stores in US, UK and Poland, which do deliver products directly to Ukraine.

Services of sending and receiving parcels for individuals in almost 200 countries and territories of the world

Export and import services for private entrepreneurs.

For all these audiences, we had to create a holistic campaign that would ensure natural growth of customers and continue the global delivery strategy.

We started with looking for a common problem for users of all products. We got on this so hard and quickly realized that different users have different needs.



A businessman who wants to send a ton of metal somewhere is a little different from a father who wants to buy vitamins for his triplets on IHerb. Therefore, we divided customers into retail and business and created separate videos for each target group.


We had to switch people from Ukrainian retailers to global shopping. The biggest barrier to global delivery is time. The parcel from New York to Kyiv still takes a few days longer than its delivery from Shepetivka. Global parcel should be ordered in advance to ensure its timely arrival.

The fact is that people are constantly forgetting something. Often we forget to buy a gift for an anniversary or birthday and realize it only on celebration day. Well, if people need to be reminded to buy gifts in advance, and we want people to buy in advance, why not use it?


Insight and idea. All holidays come on one day when we are absolutely not ready for it. That's why you need to order in advance, or, in other words, prepare globally. In the creative, we reminded people about important days, for which we were not prepared by life coaches.

The idea of  New Year's campaign

We planned to use the strategy of global preparation for the New Year's campaign, but everyone already knows when the New Year is. So we found other reasons for buying products in advance, namely to spend time with family and not to get confused in the queues. For this period, we prepared videos devoted to family and the queues as two views on the same situation. 

In this video, father ordered gifts in advance and found time to tech his son how to wrap these gifts. This perfect video shows not perfect wrapper and the perfect involvement of the father. After all, children are raised not only by mothers and grandmothers. 

This video is about the same queue, which prudent father has managed to avoid. The video was supposed to infuriate people as much as possible to keep them from queuing. In current context, we have micro-horror since all the people in the crowd do not wear masks, as if it most likely would be in real life. But in real life, people spread the virus, and our actors are tested. 


Nova Poshta Global has not only created global training campaign but started advertising campaign in advance. New Year's communication began on November 28, i.e. a week earlier than usual.


The video for business customers from the last campaign gave 83% transitions, so we decided not to change the message. To attract even more customers, new videos had to become even more emotional.

We chose the target group: visionaries. These active businessmen make decisions ready to expand their business to the whole world and want to have an office in Manhattan. Therefore, the creative brief was simple: to shoot a blockbuster about global business for every businessman in Ukraine. Since it was out of budget, we came up with a video that encourages businessman to shoot own video in his/her mind.


Our videos approached to business with the prefix "global" with such a pause that everyone could really imagine their business global. Literally one could think about name of own company and say "MetHutSomething Global".


In addition to the big seasonal campaigns, we had a special challenge - Black Friday. During this period, all retailers allegedly offer discounts larger than the Mongol Empire. However, Ukrainians know that such discounts are not so big. Often

Therefore, our task was to tell that Nova Poshta Global gives access to countries where Black Friday is real, and not like in Ukraine. Shopping at foreign web-sites on Black Friday means crazy discounts on everything!

Michurin Creative Agency proposed an idea, suggesting that, REGARDLESS OF AGE, WE LIKE TO COMPLAIN. We like it so much that we become pensioners even at the age of eighteen.

During small domestic Black Friday discounts, we like to complain especially. In this chaos, it is hard to distinguish between grandson and grandfather as well as granddaughter and grandmother.

So we prepared a funny video that turns young people into grumpy old men.


Following global training strategies, Nova Poshta Global launched this campaign in advance, i.e. not in the last week of the Black Friday, but on November 15