Long life of your cloths

Logo and packaging design

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COSMO company has been operating in the Ukrainian market since 1994, so it feels its consumer well. The COSMO chain shops in drogerie format are presented in 27 cities of Ukraine, it’s dedicated audience is more than a million of Ukrainians.

Private label ТМ Dillika was designed for sale within the chain to occupy a niche between premium imported products and cheap local brands. Minimalistic design with no traditional cliche of detergents category allowed to make a product that creates trust, an impression of foreign origin, so it is perceived as a superior product.

The category of domestic detergents is traditionally constrained by many rules and strict taboos. Customers often make a plenty of requirements that negatively affect perception of a logo and a brand: "A huge name for the whole pack! Be sure to have 3-4 bright colors at a time! All CAPS! Bold! Bolder!!!»

Additional Task: Private labels rarely have a promotion, and TM Dillika is not an exception. Therefore, packaging design should be not only bright, but also should be one of the main communication channels of the brand.

The idea of a packaging is built around the name Dillika, which means a delicate, careful attitude to cloths, and promises a long life to them. "Infinite" dresses, trousers, scarves and towels became the basis of the composition, and it turned out that it is possible to be visible on a shelf without a rainbow background and a shine around the logo.