English that kids love


DEC school is a chain of language schools in Kyiv. The best locations, the top speakers. Peer groups for easier language learning! Personal approach!! The staff says all of that and adds something more to answer a question "Who are you?"

DEC school came to us with a problem of misunderstanding themselves. Or rather, DEC realized that they are just a regular school. Or even worth, they are a regular school, all the same as other language schools in Kyiv. Yuck.

We plunged into the client's business and quickly found the main problem of all schools:

Nobody wants to study


Especially children hardly can be forced to study. Adults, too, but they pretend they can. Because society taught them to lie.


So our challenge was to get children to like us. It was very TomCruisie, because we wanted to get children to love a school they had to go to after the main school.


It's impossible to force children to love studying, just the same as it's impossible to force them not to love cartoons, sweets, play games and fall down. Because sweets and games are always interesting, and lessons are always boring.

Children loves what is interesting.

If there is no sense to force children, then you should not force them. We gave up, and this is how DEC school strategy was born. No any English teacher would come up with it, because English teacher never give up.


DEC school is the school that makes you interested in English

We can already be loved for that only. We told DEC school that they do not force children to study, but make English interesting. Their approach to study is so much fascinating, it's no longer cramming endless sentences about John who opens a book or feeds a dog.

With a new school that does not force to study, we began to design billboards. Based on the positioning, we created a communication platform.

English loved by children

First outdoor-campaign

Children love sugar, that is the fact. The idea is that children love English as if it is a lollipop. Because children love sugar and still don't know what kind of a villain it is.

Second outdoor-campaign

The fact is that children are mad when stupid English drags them out of a phone or a tab. We don't. English lessons are the same exciting as a child continues to play Angry Birds.

When the children are asked what school they want to go to, they will say to no one. They will be told that still have to go to school, and then the children will say “let's go to the one with YouTube on the advertisement”. Children love YouTube.

Before positioning DEC school was just a regular school, the same as all other schools in Kyiv.

We turned DEC school into a school that doesn't teach English, but makes it interesting. Now DEC school knows who they are, they have a communication strategy. We formed a new value for parents: the quality of studying increased, because children begin to study English by themselves. The school has two outdoor campaigns that they still use. So we are happy.