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PKN Orlen is one of the biggest Polish oil refining companies. We had to tell about "the biggest", "Polish" and "oil refining" so that people didn’t fall asleep consuming this information. Just nobody likes "the biggest" and "oil refining". Our task was to fall in love with oil refining.

It is not easy to fall in love with oil refining. But we did it easily. We replaced "the biggest" with "great", and "Polish" with "European". So we got a great European fuel. So great that it began to require its own family coat of arms. We obeyed and just created those coats of arms for fuel. The first in the world, we hope.

Official announcement! 

The noble Lithuanian fuel Orlen has arrived  to the KLO filling station chain - His Grace, the Prince of Road Cloths and Engine Authorities, the Crown Prince of the Western Cannistershire and the Eastern Additives, the Octane Senator and the Chevalier of Pierlitermonte, the Grand Duke of Diesel at all five lanes and on both sides of traffic, as well an Extraordinary Viscount of the Tank-Petroleum depths. The noble have arrived not only in the titles, but also with family coats of arms, made in the highest cuts. Rumors said that there coats of arms rendered 7 changes. It's your choice, to believe it or not. 

The design of coats of arms was made by a professional illustrator-heraldist, so you can consider these coats of arms as real and historic.