Freshmarket Brusnichka

Commucation strategy

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Brusnychka existed in the world of convenient, high-quality and favourite supermarkets, but managed to find a unique positioning ‒ a fresh market. The brand clearly understood itself, but did not know how to communicate with people.

The fact is that people hate hypermarkets. If there is a wide selection of wine, the person is getting nervous and just buys beer. Too much is too bad.

We have made hypermarkets our enemies and identified the target audience as victims of hypermarkets. Such people dream of the market situated nearby to get there in five minutes and buy fresh bread in the morning without a queue. And wearing pyjamas, if possible.

People just needed a neighbouring market. It has become our communication strategy for Brusnychka. We have shown positioning in a new light. Now, a fresh market means not only fresh products, but also a new method of shopping ‒ in the neighbourhood.

A new communication platform and a slogan ‒ visit your neighbours!

visit your neighbours!


We have created three different image videos; there are three of them not because it is necessary but because the platform is fertile.


Supporting the campaign, we have created many product videos with a distinct visual style. Filmed with fisheye lens, Brusnychka's videos were recognized even before the packshot.

We have reduplicated an already corporate communication style in the outdoor advertising.

We have also stylized the entrance as the classic apartment door covering and used other elements of neighbours’ hospitality.

And a mat