Wine shouldn't

The second campaign for Bolgrad


Usually, one message is used for one target audience within one campaign. But Bolgrad has long been beyond the rules, so we have created six videos with different messages targeted at three audiences. And it's not just because of breaking all the rules.

A year ago, Bolgrad launched a new communication platform. That's how everyone learned that Bolgrad was the wine beyond the rules. It influenced the market in such a way that the brand was noticed not only by consumers but also by competitors.

A new challenge ‒ to consolidate the position "wine beyond the rules", remaining relevant. The brand had to prove that it was ready to break all and every rule.

Problem. Our people are literally everyone ‒ adult movie connoisseurs; youth that cannot spend more than 6 seconds watching commercial until the fight for LGBT rights is over; and ordinary beer lovers.

Decision. Different videos for different targets, combined into a single campaign.



These Bolgrad videos are for you if you love long movies 

This Bolgrad video is for you if your battle for pride is still going on 

These Bolgrad videos are for you if you have less than six seconds 

This Bolgrad video is for you if the championship is coming soon 

Sometimes there are some questions to the cases. But if they have not been answered before, now they are. Therefore, we are testing a new format where we answer the questions of Raul Chilachava (auto blogger, host of the 2 Horse Powers TV show) and Oleksii Parkhomenko (co-owner of LORASHEN and Camellia) to our second campaign for Bolgrad.

All "ands", "whats" and "whys" are answered by the managing partner of Michurin ‒ Dmytro Lohhinov.