Wine above the rules

Communication platform for Bolgrad

Wine culture in Ukraine has been shaped by advertising. Fake people in extremely white shirts pretend to roast steaks with red wine and fresh sea bass with white wine every evening. To challenge these stereotypes, we have created a communication platform ‒ wine above the rules.

Our target audience is people who are not experts in wine and feel uncomfortable in the company of connoisseurs.

We wanted to make wine snobs our enemies, but then decided to make them victims. We took away the most valuable thing from them ‒ the rules.

wine above the rules

Bolgrad new communication platform ‒ wine above the rules.

Here, we advertise not the wine but simplicity. Look at this manifesto to get the idea of how easy it is to live without wine rules.

You do not feel the flavours ‒ it does not matter. No muscat in the glass ‒ it is normal too. No glass ‒ use a cup. Look where the wine snobs drove people into by their rules and how we got them out of there.

But foolish rules set a trap for us. It is forbidden to advertise wine during the day, and there is wine even in our slogan.

While others bottle snobbery, Bolgrad is just creating wine. And if you do not know how to hold a glass in a proper manner, now you may drink from an ordinary cup ‒ a red one with white dots.