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It’s us who launched BIGL.UA, a new market place from PROM.UA

Launching a new marketplace is a common occurrence even for the Ukrainian e-commerce. Probably, that’s the reason why marketplaces come forward on the quiet. We knew that, we told about that to a client. And we decided to launch the shopping portal BIGL.UA loudly, fun, and to hear every ear. 

A brand-hero of the portal is a beagle, a dog that can find anything even if it needs to check out every shop. And also because it’s cutie. We used a beagle for positioning, naming, logo and a creative strategy of the marketplace.

That’s how we made the first videos for, and it’s better to watch them than miss them out. 

We made the beagle a guidedog to buying at the platform. This is how we came up with a catchphrase.

We placed advertising in the metro to let everybody know about the new marketplace.

We know how much people hate aggressive advertising, so placement in the metro was as simple as possible. The idea was that a beagle can find goods for you everywhere, even under the metro’s tiles.

We printed metro tiles and covered the real tiles with it, so people thanked us for not spoiling a holy place with another acid poster.

In 8 months Bigl got into top-35 UAnet websites with the highest traffic and top-25 websites with the biggest outreach. Monthly traffic reached 4.7 millions users. Every month there are more than 120 000 items for more than 41 million UAH sold at the portal.