Youngish herbicide

Key visual for a brand new herbicide


We have created a visual to launch Vision Pro. It is a new herbicide by the global manufacturer of modern plant protection and biological products Arysta LifeScience. In the visual, an old tyrannosaurus in the middle of a field with weeds in his mouth is depicted.

Old herbicide becomes less effective?

Why is it so?

The tyrannosaurus of old age is a metaphor for an old herbicide that cannot beat weeds anymore.

First of all, we have found the problem ‒ resistibility. It means that over time weeds adapt to any poison. And, with each season, the farmer feels that the old herbicide becomes less effective.

+ all competitors are focused on the effectiveness of their product. Therefore, the problem-focused strategy will undoubtedly make us stand out in the market.

Old herbicide don't work anymore?

Company's message ‒ old herbicides cannot beat the weeds.

This message has been transformed into the idea ‒ the predator of old age.

Our first monster for KV was King Kong.

Isn't it ageism?

Nobody knows for sure. Modern concepts of tolerance are very obscure. We used the analogy of aging in the context of physiology to convey the process of decreasing herbicides’ efficiency more accurately, but not to humiliate old people or old-timers.

However, if our commercial contributes to a better understanding of the concept of ageism and its limits, we will complete a small social mission.