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Shebelynka Gas Condensate and Oil Processing Department is a state-owned enterprise that deeply modernized production processes. Equipment at the plant was replaced, and processes were set up to begin producing Euro 5 Standard fuel. 


We have heard plenty of stories about reforms and reorganization, which in fact were repainting of the head office facade only. But Shebelynka GCOPD turned different. We silently filled in 20 liters, and all became clear right away. The story about new equipment was real. New capacities are real, too. As well as Euro 5 Standard. We are Europeans. And we finally have the right for better!

The symbol of a new brand is a hook that marks hissing consonants in many European languages.

The new brand Šhebel became a partner of a filling station chain KLO in Kyiv. So now other brands are not shy to place Šhebel at their billboards.

Dima Logginov, a partner and a CEO of our agency presented the strategy and the brand Šhebel at "Official presentation of Šhebel brand". People were applauding after the presentation. When they took down a sign “Applause!”, some people continued applauding to Dima.